From small scale figurines to large creature builds, Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio has years of experience in almost every sculpting medium. Our highest priority is attention to detail and replicating exactly what the customer references. When we sculpt, we seek to bring two dimension images to life.



A part of every project, but no less important, is the mold engineering of what is created. The mold itself should be a functional, yet beautiful, and produce art exactly like the original. Whether your art or ours, we deliver!

Special Makeup Effects

In creating a film, presentation, or character, nothing paints the picture more clearly that transformative Special Effects Makeup! We can provide you design work, lifeccasting services, prosthetic and mask fabrication and more that brings your vision to the screen or stage! Our studio has designed and produced masks and prosthetics for productions all over the world… Silicone, foam latex, Pros-aide appliances, and resins are just a few materials at our disposal in fabricating your makeup effects! From independent films to medical simulation, we can make it happen!




Puppets, large scale installations, and costumes. It is our mission to create the highest quality fabrications possible.  



There are countless materials that can be used in the creation of your finished piece. From life-like silicone to flame rated/smoke rated resins and foams, we focus on your needs to provide you with the best product for your project!